David Guetta kicked out of Monegros Festival?

David Guetta has to be the number 1 DJ on the planet now in terms of notoriety. Sure Tiesto is massive too but Guetta is at a pop star level now. So yes, it must be nice to have million of fans, having thousands of fans singing along at your shows and being able to provide for a few generation of Guettas but there is also a more sour side to the glory: bringing into yourself a lot of critiscm and the challenge of being able to handle it.

David Guetta has been targeted for quite a while now by many electronic music fans for being the perfect example of a “star DJ”, and producing “poor quality music”. A few weeks ago, the very famous Spanish festival of Monegros, which is pretty “underground” oriented (with techno, minimal and electro artists) announced that David Guetta would be headlining the festival. Immediately, after the news, tons of negative feedbacks came from the fans. A Facebook group called “No A David Guetta en Monegros” has even been created, to get him cancelled from the festival line up! The group has already over 7000 fans! And unfortunately, there are also a few fans who have explained they will prepare something in order to ruin his set in order to put pressure on the festival promoters.

We are now 3 months from the festival and no reaction had came from the festival promoters, so we don’t know if they will listen to the fans and cancel Guetta. But I think this is the perfect example of the ever growing gap between Star DJ such as Guetta who are assimilated to the mainstream and show business industry and all the other style of electronic music linked to the underground world, marginalized by the media and ignored by the non-connoisseurs.

I am very eager to see what the festival promoters and David Guetta‘s reaction will be. And in the case they decide to keep him, what will be the actions of the fans. I just hope everyone will be able to share their opinions and that no violence will occur.

Posted on May 10th, 2011 by tomaa
  • Luxurytaxes

    yea but what is funny is i saw the bill and they booked lady gaga justin beber and pitbull so why are they bitching about david guetta being commerical when the whole fucking bill is commercial lmaoo there are more singers then djs lmaooo so instead of worrying about david guetta they should worry about the concert they are going to see and calling it a festival lmaoo they should bitch at the promoter not d.g

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000412374804 Igor Warzocha

      that was just a joke

  • http://www.facebook.com/remkingston Rem Kingston


  • Al

    its a no brainer really, booking the most commercial dj on the planet for an underground festival will have very obvious repercussions, the joke is not on guetta but on the organisers, end of.

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