Deadmau5 invites fan to play ghost on stage @ Meowingtons Hax Tour, Vancouver PNE

Superstar producer Joel Zimmerman also known as Deadmau5 was kicking of his North American Meowingtons Hax Tour in Vancouver, Canada on Thursday August 11th . Deadmau5 is very famous for being super interactive with his fans through his social media; Facebook and twitter.

The day of the concert, he through a pretty good ticket giveaway idea; he took a picture of a statue in front of the Venue and put two tickets at the bottom of it. He then posted the picture on his wall letting the fans know where the tickets are and the first one to get it.

However the winner actually had to bail out after picking them up. So Deadmau5 had to come up with another idea…

Next thing we know, a young Vancouverites and longtime fan of Deadmau5; Adam is posing with a ghost costume at the concert rehearsal, and Deadmau5 commenting on his Facebook: “Congrats to Adam for winning the ghost hunt! Hopefully your training will pay off for tonights epic performance… were counting on you dude! DONT FUCK IT UP! lol ;)

Everybody was wondering what the Mau5 had planned for him at the concert…well he got him up on stage to introduce one of Deadmau5 anthem; Ghost N Stuff. Check out the video below, you can see a ghost coming on stage and dance to Ghost N Stuff! And as a bonus you can see how crazy his stage looks like…

Posted on August 12th, 2011 by tomaa
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