DJ Sneak answers Steve Angello “H8rs” w/ a free download track called “Fakers”

You guys may be aware of the current “twitter battle” between Toronto based house producer DJ Sneak and Swedish House Mafia member “Steve Angello“. Everything started about 2 month ago when DJ Sneak called Angello out on twitter calling him and his trio “fake djs“ mentioning the use of pre-recorded mix during their live shows, and the confusion created with their productions which he believes should not be put in the “House” category.

Besides the constant argument between the two on twitter, Steve Angello came out a couple weeks ago with a release alongside his brother An21 and Max Vangeli called “H8r” (Haters) which was directed to DJ Sneak. Well DJ Sneak reaction was quick with a free download via his twitter account called “Fakers” , check out it;

Posted on May 31st, 2012 by tomaa
  • Kevin Kast

    Dope..!!!   And Fuck Steve Angello and his Pussy Crew with their cheesy shit wanna be house music that sounds like cheesy Euro Dance more than anything…  

  • Handsome Clark

    FRESH!!! This reminds me of a rap battle. There is a difference between EDM & House Music. I’ve heard great Dance Music & Great House Music, but at the same time, I’ve also heard crappy Dance & House music. @HanDSoMeClaRk

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